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The Katonah Group is an executive recruiting firm that focuses solely on the Biotechnology and Medical Device industries. Through specialization, we have gained a broad and deep understanding of both business sectors. As a result, we recruit quickly and efficiently. This kind of focus is critical in industries where competition for talented people is fierce and unrelenting.


You deserve the very best candidates. That's why The Katonah Group seeks out the most qualified individuals, regardless of their current job status. It is true that successful executives rarely look for new jobs. Instead, they create their own opportunities. They are innovative, decisive and fearless. They work hard and are committed to their organizations. In short, they are exactly the type of people you seek. If they fit your needs, we recruit executives who are happy right where they are.

We have proven that even highly successful and well-compensated executives can be persuaded to consider a new position if the change is proposed for the right reason. Some executives welcome a new challenge. Others remember how exhilarating it is to lead a successful start-up effort. Sometimes the notion of applying hard-earned skills in a different industry niche is highly intriguing. Once we locate the best candidates for your position, we discover what will attract them to your organization. We do this through careful and discrete discussions both with you and with the candidates. The right leverage varies from case to case, but we find it.


When a search is initiated, our professional research division immediately taps an exhaustive array of information to locate the best candidates for your position. As industry specialists, we have already identified the top performers at most of the companies in your sector. In addition, we constantly monitor industry trends through both traditional and creative means so that each Katonah Group search is based on the most current and market-savvy information. Not only do we gather intelligence, we use it intelligently.


We respect the confidentiality both of our clients and our candidates. When our searches involve executives who are content in their current positions, we tread with particular care. This discretion has earned respect from our clients. A wide range of industry innovators - from small, aggressive start-ups, to venerable, worldwide organizations - have entrusted their executive searches to The Katonah Group. Integrity goes beyond confidentiality. We assign experienced, senior recruiters to your search. We are in constant communication with you about progress and prospects. We match only candidates and companies who have a genuine fit. And we deliver what we promise.