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Harold Thiers has recruited on the small molecule side of the industry in drug discovery, lead identification and optimization, target discovery and validation, HTS & HCS platform technologies and assay development for HTS & HCS. He has worked extensively in computational chemistry and molecular modeling, computational biology, bioinformatics, research and development informatics, structural biology, functional genomics & proteomics - mass spectrometry, Yeast -2- Hybrid, Biochemistry, biomarkers, RNAi technologies, medicinal & organic chemistry, pathways biology, and enzymology.
On the protein therapeutic side of the industry, he has extensive experience in peptide, protein and antibody therapeutic research. Covering target ID and validation, antibody discovery and selection, protein engineering, phage display, therapeutic characterization with HPLC, LC/MS/MS, CE, CD, Light scattering, AUC, Calorimetry and other biophysical characterization, early and late stage analytical development, tech transfer to QC, purification process development, cell culture and fermentation.
In preclinical research he has recruited DVM/PHD, Board Certified Toxicologist, Veterinary Pathologist, animal models of disease – Mouse/Rat surgery and tissue analysis. Computational and predictive modeling of ADME-toxicology and pharmacology, drug metabolism, pharmacokinetics, quantitative and qualitative bioanalytical, Pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics and Translational medicine.

Examples of recent completed searches include:

• Associate Director Analytical Development
- Shire HGT

• Principal Scientist Site Head Research Informatics
- Roche

• Assistant Director Late Stage Analytical Development - Centocor

• Sr. Scientist Analytical Methods Development
- Centocor

• Director Structural Research
- Centocor

• Principal Scientist Biochemistry
- ProMedior

• Principal Scientist Analytical Development
- ProMedior

• Assistant Director Protein Engineering Antibody Phage Display - Centocor

• Sr. Scientist Computational Chemistry
- Boehringer- Ingelheim

• Assistant Director Protein Engineering Immunogenicity - Centocor

• Executive Director IS infrastructure
- Amgen

• Director Research Informatics Boston
- Amgen

• Director Research Informatics SF
- Amgen

• 2 Sr. Business Analysts in Research Informatics
- Amgen

• Manager Research Informatics
- Amgen

• 2 Lead architects Research Informatics Analytical Chemistry - Amgen

• Assoc Director Development IS Biostats CDM and Epidemiology Amgen

• Principal Scientist Antibody discovery and Protein Engineering – Medimmune

• Sr Scientist Antibody discovery and Protein Engineering – Medimmune

• Sr Business Analyst
– Roche

• Director Analytical Sciences
– Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

• Scientist II Antibody Engineering
– Medimmune

• Scientist I Antibody Discovery RNA Biology
- Medimmune

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